Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Moving with three kids believe it or not is kinda hard. 
Yesterday afternoon the kids were starting to pick on each other and the sound of crying and whining was turning my brain to mush. It didn't help that it was about 80 degrees inside the house. Alfred was sleeping finally and I needed to pack so I remembered something Jones had said the night before about taking the kids out in the backyard and letting them play with some bowls and water.
So I decided to fold laundry and pack clothes in the laundry room so the kids could play outside. 
Suddenly the world went from chaos to calm and productive.

When I finished with the clothes I grabbed some popsicles and side walk chalk and sat outside with the kids.
Jones arrived just in time to join us. 
It was nice. 
Today is another hot crazy day. 
Dinner with the H crew tonight, looking forward to it. :)

 Did I mention Tober is teething? yeah not fun.
Whenever we do her hair like this she reminds us of Boo from Monsters Inc.
Last 2 pics thanks to C :)

Big thank you to everyone who is helping me, with food and babysitting. I literally could not do it with out you!

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