Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We made it!

 Washington, we miss you.
Before we left we had a nice farewell BBQ with the family. It was nice to get to be all together.
C and Tober loved staying at Bopa and Nana's. I guess Alfred did too since he got to be held and loved so much.

We took off on time, which I thought was pretty awesome with 3 kids, but the truck we rented from Budget {horrible experience by the way} needed oil, like really needed, so that set us back about an hour and a half. We ended up stopping in Oregon a little earlier than planned. I couldn't drive any longer and checked into a hotel.
 The kids seemed to mostly enjoy the experience, and I was really excited to take the kids to the pool.
 Then it was back on the road again, another long day, but finally at about 10 pm we got to Provo.

I am such a mixed bag of emotions.

I am so thankful for the opportunity I had over the last 2 years to be close to The H family. I was blessed with the best sisters in law, hAha and Pipsta have been there for me through all the ups and downs of the last 6 years. You have made me feel loved and appreciated, and your support and encouragement has meant the world to me. 
Plus you guys are just fun, and easy to be around. :)

Moms and Pops, We can't say enough how much we love you guys,  and all the help you give our small family. You give everything you have for your children and are the perfect example of unconditional love and sacrifice.  There is nothing more fun than seeing you love my children, and they sure love ya back. 

And the nephews T pants, Cus cus, and Finner, I am so sad I won't be around to see you guys grow and give you sloppy aunt kisses. I look forward to the summer trips and reunions that we will for sure make happen, so you guys will grow up knowing your cousins.

much love, and goodbye, for now.

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hAha said...

finn says, "where's my sloppy auntie kiss, today?"