Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 2 of changing my mood

I woke up Monday determined to shake this funk, so I made a plan.
Step one: wake up and go for a jog/walk before the kids wake up everyday.
Step two: make simple goals ex: put a load in the wash, feed kids actual meals.
Step three acknowledge my accomplishment of these goals even if there are still things left undone.

So far things are going well. I have accomplished everything I have set out to do {lucky me I didn't set out to do the dishes cause they aren't done :) } I also have set rules about how long I can be on the computer and not being allowed to watch me shows while the kids are awake.
Hopefully I can keep this up.

I feel a little embarrassed by how simple this sounds, if it is this simple why am I acting like it is so hard, but I can't think like that cause it adds fuel to the fire of self loathing.

I made some Christmas gifts today, which was really fun. I can't wait to be finished with something that can be wrapped so that I can put it under the tree. I love the look of wrapped things :)

Gift station, gifts in progress.


hAha said...

simple is best. you're awesome.

Singin' Heart said...

love the shout out to tosh. and i love your goals cause that is exactly what i did after i had atticus. i would pray to see what is actually important and then only do those things. sounds like you are rockin it so far. keep it up!
im with you on the wrapped presents under the tree. i want to wrap empty boxes just to have that image :)
--this is pip BTW. pops is using my ipad