Friday, December 23, 2011

Just a little more time

Christmas is almost here and despite the slow start I had I am starting to feel giddy and excited for tomorrow. We have been so blessed and looked after this year it just makes my heart swell.
Hopefully I will be able to get some good memories, and pictures to go with, to hold onto.
As I put the kids to bed tonight I couldn't help but linger a little longer and send up a few thank yous to my Heavenly Father for giving me these 3 beautiful healthy children.
All my talk of exhaustion and craziness can't take away how much I love these guys.
I hope they know that and forgive me for my moments of insanity.
The season came on to suddenly, I think the tree and snow balls might stick around at our house a while longer. 
We could use a little more Christmas in our house. 

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