Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Birthday Recap

I have been a pretty lousy blogger of late. Mostly cause we have been busy but also cause we have been sick.

So I am going to be recapping the last week or so.
On Sunday it was my Birthday :) yay
We celebrated on Friday and my mom and sister were awesome enough to watch the kids for us all day.
We started out at Guru's for brunch.
Most amazing french toast ever, haven't stopped craving it since my last bite.
And Huevos Rancheros

Then we headed up to Salt Lake and had some fun doing some window shopping.

It wasn't all window shopping though, Jones got me a beautiful red dress.

Then on Sunday my family met up at my Mom's house for awesome food, cake, and the Superbowl? no! the premiere of The Voice. It was really fun, the only down side being that my kids and I got sick and I spent the night of my birthday as well as last night up almost every hour with them.
But enough about me. 

The week before we celebrated C's birthday!!!
That's right C is 5.
He is old enough to count down the days til his birthday, 
make his own list of party guests and 
ask very specifically for a Mach 5 birthday cake.
Now I know my mom is talented when it comes to cake decorating but this one takes the cake. :)
Seriously though I was blown away. I could've spent a small fortune and not had a cake half this cool. Thanks mom.

C is a Lego maniac.

I love you C sorry it took me so long to post this :) You were so excited to turn 5, because according to you this means that you can go to school, lose your teeth{which you keep being disappointed/confused this hasn't happened yet}be bigger and stronger, and get a real bike. 
Your Dad and I are so proud of you and the amazing big brother you are. Anyone who meets you has no doubt that you love Tober and Alfred. And we have no doubt that you love us since you tell us so freely.
There is never any doubt about your thought process either, you always explain everything. You have always been a very literal kid, who likes to know the reason for things, but you are learning how to tease and play pretend and I love it.
I remember specific memories of when I was five, which kind of terrifies me, realizing you are old enough to possibly remember all our mistakes as first time parents of a 5 yr old. Just stick with us kid, we'll get better at this.
Happy Birthday.

Now that all the birthdays are over back to business. We are moving downstairs and trying to rent our apartment. This means cleaning, packing and moving things around. It is kind of crazy but we are hoping to be settled in there by the end of the month.

Today that can wait though. Today I am just going to be sick with kids, drink orange juice, watch movies and sleep.

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Disney said...

Happy belated birthday!! Looks like you had tons of fun. I would love a little jaunt to a big city right now! Love your red dress, btw. :o)