Thursday, February 16, 2012

V day partay

Valentines day this year was a big success
It started out in such a way that made me think nothing is going to go according to plan, and I was right, but everything still worked out and the day was a blast. By noon my to older kids had been whisked away by Jones to my Mom's house. With Alfred down for a nap I took a long bath, read a book and did my nails {Awesome} then when he woke up I took him into the kitchen with me, which is a big treat cause the kitchen is so small I  usually try to keep the kids out, plus the stairs are right there and he will die if he goes near them, but since it was just him I made us a barricade and fed him raspberries and sang to him while we made a fruit tart pie.
What a lovely pre date date I got, lucky me so many handsome guys in my life.

Jones got home late from work, with an orchid and Dove chocolates, and we hurried away to our friends house still with Alfred who was not supposed to still be with us. I thought I would get bummed about that but I didn't. I thought I might be annoyed at being late to our friends home to help make the handmade pasta for dinner, but it wasn't a big deal. When we got there the house was warm, smelled amazing, with mood lighting and fun music. Jones stayed and made pasta and cooked the pork we had marinated early that day, while Jes and I took our babies to my Mom's house. By the time we got back everyone had arrived and the final stages of dinner were being prepped.
Everyone looked amazing and everything tasted amazing {and vice versa} :)
Then when we had finished stuffing ourselves full, we played and played and laughed til it hurt.
Then I scarfed down the most amazing homemade lava cake {thank you Emily Blunt's look a like aka Laura}
I ate it so fast it hurt.
Then we laughed and played some more.
It was really fun.Too bad my camera is broken {have I mentioned that? yeah that explains all the instagram pics!} 
I am so glad to have made such good friends so quickly and look forward to our next smashing get together.

Recipe for success, willing partners in crime, cooking it yourself rather than facing the masses, lovely hosts, and last but not least the best husband in the world= Best V day ever. :)

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