Thursday, February 23, 2012

Chocolate cookies for breakfast

We are right smack dab in the middle of our move.
As of yesterday we moved completely out and new tenants moved in.
The kids are adjusting to breakfast made up of chocolate chip cookies, lunches of pretzel and San Pellagrino, sleeping in their clothes and stuff constantly moving around them.
Of course because I am who I am I put temporary wallpaper up in our bedroom
and got us new phone, as a housewarming gift.

It was a crazy weekend, Chels got all moved into their new home, my Dad came for a visit and brought my Sister and her 3 boys with him. So we moved and visited, moved and visited...

Wish you guys can come back soon. 
Love ya Pixieshtick

Today I need to unpack a few boxes and rest my legs a bit.
I think I will start with resting my legs...and maybe a few cookies. :)

I had planned on doing an Oscar Party(Jones family is notorious for this and it has become a pretty big tradition for us) but everything seems to be falling through, so it looks like it will just be Jones and I, unless I make some magic happen. 
Fairy  Godmother feel free to interrupt me any time now...

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hAha said...

you broke your camera, huh? ;) i love this little flip book from your move. cute kids, how'd they get so big? and those honey-mustard pretzels are nothing to sneeze at. sooo good.