Monday, February 13, 2012

Yup it is Monday

Despite not having a Calendar, I know that today is Monday, pretty proud of myself. 
I ran a ton of errands today, getting yummy supplies for dinner tomorrow, and supplies for various projects I got coming up getting ready to move in downstairs.

Jones and I spent the weekend cleaning up the house and it already is on the verge of being a mess again. 
After a long day of shopping though I just want to treat myself to a nap and easy dinner.
Since that isn't going to happen I better start thinking of something to make...I think broccoli and rice maybe.

My kids entertain me with their conversations with each other

C and Toby while watching Curious George
T- "wats that noise tcha?"
C-" he was playing in the closet and something fell"
T-"oh! ee was playing in the closet! and omin fell, (nodding, and forced laugh) yeah thats funny tcha"

Ok maybe this isn't amusing to you but I see how much their interactions are growing each day. Tober is still mostly a mimic. She loves to repeat what her big brother says, with fervor of course, but occasionally she has something to add the conversation.

Today my sister brought over the quilt my grandmother made for me. It was with my Mom in CA and she brought it up here for me. I like having it again. It is kind of girly to be our bed spread but I am gonna keep it  around for snuggling and what nots. 

I think that is all, not a bad Monday.

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