Friday, April 10, 2009

Everythings gonna be alright

Since leaving Jones at Camp Roberts, I feel much better. I know he's ok where he is and that he's being watched over. We have been alright with out him but we miss him daily, and I of course harrass him hourly with phone calls about nothing. I am reminded of how much he means to me and love and appreciate all the love and support he gives me, even from a distance.
Lately my mind has been filled with the future and Jones always listens patiently as I go on and on about all the possibilities ahead of us. When I dream big I am often disappointed with the outcome of things, but I love how united Jones and I are in the things we want for our family. It makes me feel like whatever does happen everything is going to be alright, just like Alicia Keys says.

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MelancholySmile said...

I thought Bob Marley said that. :) I'm so impressed with you guys, and admire your solidarity in the face of uncertainty. Man, I miss you both!