Friday, April 10, 2009


I went in Monday morning for an ultrasound. I was excited and a little bummed Jones couldn't be there. Still I loved the whole experience. She, yes that's right She, looks so beautiful already. I loved watching her little hands open and close, while she covered her face. I loved hearing C saying "no mama.." in the background (he was a little freaked out by it) I loved knowing that she is growing into a perfectly healthy baby.

Now that I know it' a girl I can officially start buying things. This makes me happy. I went out to riverside today and bought a large bag of used baby clothes, lightly used but nice still. It included 7 sun dresses, onesies, sleepers, sleeper dresses, hats, tights and more. I'd love to say I have everything but there is still plenty to get. I hope to pick up a pack n play, with changing table attatchment today. It is putting my mind at ease a little to have these things, and to find them at such a good price.
I am so happy to be adding a new little spirit to our family. She doesn't feel like a stranger. In a way we always knew she was coming, and now that we have both a boy and a girl, I feel we will be prepared for whoever comes next.

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