Thursday, April 23, 2009

Trinkets and Charms

My littlest sister is getting married next month and I am doing her hair for the wedding. I really wanted to find a pretty hair jewelry for her but the more I looked and found painful looking and feeling headbands or way to big and loud hair clips, I decided to literally buy her hair jewelry. I found a beautiful fish wire pearl necklace with silver sparklies that I am going to use like a head band. I have never been this excited about hair at a wedding.

Since I was out, I couldn't help but notice other adorable jewelry. They were calling to me really. I tend to like pieces that are small and trinkety, but there is occasionally a loud and boisterous piece that will catch my eye. The mix sometimes makes me feel confused inside like I don't really know who I am or quite understand myself. Like a child still playing dress up.

Bohemian french chic? I don't know, with a touch of all American Californian? and awkward artsy ...yeah, anyways.

Mother's day is coming up so maybe I can convince Jones to get me something :)


h. said...

I thought your line about feeling "confused" was insightful and well stated. Also, I like the new look of your blog.

Just Looking said...

I really like the fresh new look! I was sad when your other wall paper disappeared because it was so bright and alive and so you - but now I see you've got a lot more up your sleeve!

h and I are on the same wave length - I really related to what you said about wondering if you'll ever know who you are. Tosh is able to be so focused on one look one style, andI'll like all the things she likes but then also like things like big wooden heads and chrome ford bumpers and it's like Where did that come from?! It's weird to be this old and still feel like the Runaway Bride trying to find out what kind of eggs I like...