Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pretty California

C bug and I spent the last couple days in central California with Jones. It was a wonderfully spontaneous and quick trip, and I am soooooo glad we went. I had dreamt up this life we would have if we were to live up there more permanantly. Now that I have actually had a chance to explore it I feel I have a much better idea of what to look forward to if it does happen, and/or what I am really missing if it doesn't.

We spent the first day we were there out at Morro Bay, which is where Jones and I were pretty sure we wanted to settle down. It is a beach town and we love the beach so it should have been perfect. The drive there was nice, and as Morro Rock came into view I definately was excited to check out the town and get that gut feeling like this is where we are meant to be. That feeling never came. I found an adorable place, the ocean was beautiful but it didn't work. Too many exposed freeway views and not enough places to keep me entertained long term.

This has happened to me before when I have seen an outfit at the store that I thought was fantastic, and of course we couldn't afford it but I waited patiently til we had the extra cash and then took a mommy fun day to go buy it. I try it on and to my disappointment, I look silly in it.

I didn't want to say anything to Jones about it til I had had time to think about it and feel it out a little more. The next day he had to go back to work so C and I set out to explore Paso Robles all by ourselves. Now, Paso Robles is the town just south of Camp Roberts and my first impression of it was that it was just another truck stop town, small and dusty.

This was not the case.

Paso Robles was charming, it had small town appeal, little adorable houses, old downtown, giant old trees, hidden freeways, and easy access to the places I like to go while also having new places for me to try out. To our surprise we both liked the idea of looking in Paso Robles.

I think this is just another time when I am humbled into seeing that I don't always know best. I loved spending time with my husband, searching for a life for us somewhere, and learning that anywhere where we can be a family and build a home is really what matters. That sometimes the best view is from our front porch looking in.

A porch would be nice :)


h. said...

I love what you said in this post. I finally had a moment to pray about all of this stuff this morning, and I came to the same conclusions you did. I feel really good about what we're trying to accomplish, but I get the feeling that the 'where' and 'how' are not as critical. That being said, I think our wants do matter, and that, barring some wise eternal purpose, they'll be accomodated. I get good vibes about the porch :)

Anyway. Love you. Miss you. Talk to you later.

seanmcox said...

My maternal grandmother used to live in Paso Robles. I recall it being a neat place to visit.