Sunday, May 3, 2009


With nothing to do and lots of used clothing it has been hard for me to not go into nesting mode. With Jones and I unsure of where it is we will be when baby comes it seems like a complete waste of time, and yet there was no stopping me. I got out all my bags of clothes and seperated them into age categories and left all the 0-3 mo stuff out. Altough I love looking at it I can't help but feel like it might not stay there very long. I am very proud of my set up though, and that is encouraging when looking at the fact that we might still be with my parents when Toby J comes.

I hate the idea of not being our own little family and being able to adjust to the new member without people watching us during every moment of it.

Anyways, the pics are just some more little projects, looking at some of the clothes now I can't believe some of them were used and free!

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Just Looking said...

These are adorable! You do such a good job!

The nesting urge is a doozy, there's no fighting it. You have found lovely, constructive ways to channel it. I've been praying and studying self-esteem a bit lately. Have realized I have self respect but not necessarily self esteem, and wanted to know how Heavenly Father describes self esteem, and it seems to have four strong components - spiritual strength/growth; respecting your physical self; service/care for others; and developing your talents. The first and third were a given, but the other two surprised me and are my weak areas. It seems to me you have been instinctively relying on those for comfort and strenth, how healthy! I could have used a page from your book when I was your age!