Saturday, August 21, 2010

boo for broken Camera

My camera is broken, which means no documentation of our camping trip. :( Boo. Oh well I can still tell you all about it when I get back. I will also have to find a way to take a pic of the amazing chair I got at Goodwill.

It is a cheeper version of this 2,000 anthropologie chair. It has cleaner lines and no buttons but is the same color leather and wheels. Mine cost me $9, and will make an excellent desk chair in our master bedroom. I love finding an amazing steal when I wasn't even looking for it. Ok, gotta get back to packing. Camping here we come.


The Hull Family said...

Have fun on your camp-out and congrats on going back to school!! I'm excited for you, fashion design sounds like so much fun!!

Carrie said...

good luck camping! I've decided camping at this stage in motherhood is a service project for my kids!!