Friday, August 6, 2010

Weekly challenges with Project Runway.

I was sooo excited to watch Project Runway this year. I first started watching the show when I was 8 mo's pregnant with my Son. My M-I-L had recorded a whole season on VHS tapes and since I was spending most of my days laying around with a belly the size of a watermelon, it was a fanastic distraction. At the time though I was going through a major personal crisis. Definately facing some demons and discovering what kind of wife and mother I wanted to be. I always said, "if I knew how to sew I would have made this____ ..." But truthfully I never really thought I would be able to. This is the first Season I have watched since I feel I know who I am, I am comfortable with myself and I have actually made clothing!  It is very exciting. I am hoping to get inspiration from the challenges and participate in them myself now and then. Although my Life is kind of crazy, I think that is just going to be the standard for awhile. I guess just like Tim Gunn suggests I am going to "make it work!"

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