Sunday, August 8, 2010

Happy Sunday

I am sitting on the couch right now. My right foot is numb and I cant move it. In fact the only things I can move are my hands and fingers to type this and even that is difficult. WHy? well because my 3 year old has made me into a mountain tent ofcourse! It is my own fault for sitting so open and vulnerable on the couch, distracted by a computer. He started by completely surrounding me with every pillow in the house, next came the throw blankets and now he is stuffing every nook and cranny with his toys. All the while singing songs He is making up as he goes along. :) The poor thing is going to fall apart when I tell him I need to get up to get ready for church. I love the little conversations he is having with the toys that aren't cooperating " NO, you have to hold on!", He tells his toy pliers. I can last another 10 minutes I think before the tingling and burning in my foot get the better of me :)

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