Thursday, August 5, 2010

Little Top For Tober

I have been meaning to make more clothes for Tober and C. This little top took me 5 minutes to make and so little fabric.

*Shirring means to gather the cloth to make decorative stitching. You use regular thread on top and elastic thread in your bobbin. You have to hand wind it and make sure your bobbing is screwed extra tight, and then just sew like normal. 
Using this techinique gives the garment a waist without needing to add a zipper or buttons.

Don't be afraid to use elastic thread, it is awesome!!
 Oh yeah and you will need to fold the bottom twice, iron and hem.

A fun little summer top.

{I'll let you in on a secret, it is actually a dress for an 18mo but to fit my 11mo I simply took in the shouders to make it a long shirt now, and will let them back out later!}

(Sorry for the illistrations. My son broke my camera. I am using our video camera to get pictures and it isn't the best.)

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