Friday, August 13, 2010

My support system

The sisters-in-law
MeloncholySmile, Me, Pipsta, hAha
5 years ago and its the only picture I have of all ofus together.

Pip and hAha are an amazing support system. My other sisters are too but because the 3 of us live so close they are definately the ones I lean on in situations like I am in now.They are amazing women and they definately underestimate how much strength they give me.

{and look how rockin we look in our pre baby bodies, what! Except Meloncholy smile, She already had 2 kids not that you could/or can ever tell}

And then there is this guy. Always there for me, He's got my back and is my constant support. I wonder sometimes if He realized He was marrying a crazy lady. Love you Jones.

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