Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Last month of Summer

The last few weeks I have spent my time with a very summer-like attitude; Do what I want when I want. Spending days reading a book, watching Disney movies with Bug, riding our bikes and occasionally cleaning :( While there is still a month of playing ahead of me {going camping!!}, signs that fall is approaching have been coming into play.I definately feel like the sun is setting on one chapter of my life and rising on another. With the new development of me possibly going to{fashion}school  STARTING IN SEPT!! {more details if it really happens!} I want to enjoy these last few days of no deadlines or expectations.

*minor note-
One thing I am going to do before my summer ends is fix my TOWEL PROBLEM. Minor pet peeve I guess, but I hate it when I hang my nice fresh clean towels for hand drying in our bathroom and kitchen only to find them moments later laying on the floor because C had to dry his hands. Does this ever bother anyone else?? I am thinking up some quick hopefully cute solutions, so hopefully I will be able to whip something up this week. Haha really it is a trivial thing to be bothered by isn't it?

Also I have been CRAVING lemon squares, and even though I am a horrible cook I am going to try and attempt making them, cause seriously I NEED them. :)

Isn't this a fun necklace from Anthropologie, even they are presenting their fall line.

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