Sunday, November 7, 2010

Good Morning!
Nothing like watching my 2 beautiful babies enjoying our new couch.
It is Sunday morning and Jones is at drill. I am not looking forward to venturing off to church by myself with the kids. They can be pretty exhausting right now and Tober refuses to sit, at all while we are there.
I am excited at the prospect of getting some much needed chores done. I successfully went through my kids clothes and put away the ones they don't fit anymore.
It felt really good to do it even though it was such a small thing.
 am seeing hope that I am going to be able to start being Mom again instead of that sick lady that doesn't do anything.
Now I am going to join my babies on the couch, read them books and save up my energy to chase my daughter around the church.
Hope you all have a nice Sunday.


Jules said...

Oh, I always dread having to take the kids to church by myself. Especially the 2 year old!

Disney said...

How sweet! Hope you did ok on your own. :o) The punkin and I are sick today so we didn't get to go :o(

MelancholySmile said...

Love the new couch and pillows! You're so industrious!

The Hull Family said...

The new couch looks great, I love your style. The pillows look great, you're awesome!!

I hope you start feeling better soon!