Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pine Cone Christmas Tree

I know I know it is a little early to be setting up for christmas but when you are sick like me there is no time to waste!  A couple of weeks ago I went on a scavenger hunt for pine cones in my neighborhood because I wanted to make a pine cone wreath. I couldn't find any! But last weekend there was an insane wind storm that left the ground covered in these beauties.
So I put on a hood and dressed my kids up real warm and went to go pick hundreds of baby pine cones. The cold air and being outdoors felt so good, I forget how much nature heals me.
My goal this time however was not to make a wreath. Instead I found myelf in love with the many various pine cone christmas trees you can find at Target. I knew I could make my own and it would be a fun/cheap project to start off the holiday decorating.
I had to bake my pine cones in the oven for a while so they were dry because the poor things were soaked threw.

I just set my oven at the lowest setting and kept checking on them to make sure they didn't burn. It made the house smell so good.
Next I grabbed an old cereal box cut off the tabs on the top and bottom and curled it up to make a cone shape. I had to cut off the bottom to make it flat .

A little bit of masking tape to hold it together and voila! I have my base. The next step was a monotonous one but well worth the work. I took a hot glue gun and starting from the bottom working my way all around layer after layer glued eah individual pinecone on.

I layed the pine cones on flat so that as much surface area as possible made contact with glue. I pointed them all down and slightly ovelapped each layer.
This is the result!
Now comes the fun part. You could just leave it like this it is very pretty afterall, but since my Christmas Decor is silver and gold I decided to take it a step further.
Taking some metallic spray paint and a little bit of glitter...
I originally intended to use laquer but never did.
I took it outside and using my favorite spray paint box gave it a good 3 layers. After letting it dry I layed it on its side and spayed the undersides of the pine cones. Right after the last layer, before it was dry I sprinkled the glittler on top giving it this affect.

And there you have it, even including the price of spray paint and glitter which I already had my total would come to about 3.50, plus I get the satisfaction of knowing I made it!!

Next a trip to Good will to grab some candlesticks. I have also been eyeballing these beauties at Target but can't/wont afford their price tag of 12.99-16.99 ea. So I found these for 1.99 ea and gave them the same vintage spray paint treatment.

One silver and one Champaigne gold! I love them. All I need now is a deer and my mantel will be complete!

 * Other ideas for a pine cone christmas trees
Red berry and rafia tree
lightly spray white spray paint to give it a snow affect
Really the possiblities are endless.
Also if you are looking for a craft you can do with multiple people at a church event or house party you can pick up party hats for pretty cheap and use pinecones or dried leaves. Layer, paint and decorate! it is a great gift for the holidays!!


MelancholySmile said...

That's pretty awesome! you've got me all excited for holiday decorating. I love your creativity!

Floppin Flower said...

I just love the tree!! Too cute!