Friday, November 5, 2010

Throw Pillows

Last year I bought 4 throw pillows from good will for $1 each. I told myself I would make new covers for them and never had until tonight. I have a sinus cold. Yuck. But because I am sick with this I don't feel pregnant sick which is actually really invigorating. So I wen to Joanns and got an assortments of fabrics to play with. You may remember the Anthro bird pillow from a post earlier this week.

                                 I decided I liked it too much not to have it, So I made my own.

                                             I also made a letter H to represent the Family name.

 I took the throw pillow I already had and placed it on my fabric. I traced the shape and cut out 2 {in different fabric. Then I cut a third piece for the back so that I wouldn't have to add a zipper. The third piece is about 1/3 the length of the back. Then I looked at the Anthro pillow and traced the image of the bird onto some floral fabric. I cut out the bird and using a really tight zig zag stitch sewed to to the front piece then I turned my pieces inside out and sewed them together.

I used wool felt, corduroy, and a knit, mixed with some florals. I like the mix, hopefully they will be welcoming a new couch tommorow!!

"Gee ma more birds and letters, gosh don't ya like anything else!"


Carrie said...

Cute! Love them both. Glad your feeling least in one way!

TLC said...

Very cute! I just finished making some pillows for my bed and couches. I love the detail.