Monday, November 8, 2010

Last night I had the most awful dream. I dreamt that I miscarried this baby. It wasn't short a dream either, but rather long and drawn out with various parts being replayed and changed and gone over again. I remained pretty calm while I slept, but I woke up heart broken. I feel so much for those who have experienced this nightmare in their real lives. I said a prayer for my body that it would be able to keep doing this, and for all the women out there who have lost a child. My heart is with you today.

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Serial Mommy said...

Prayers and blessings. When I was pregnant with my twins (they are now a precoscious mischievous 15 months old) I had a very vivid dream of going into labor much too early and losing them both. It scared me and when I woke up I told the hubby about it and his simple statement was "It was just a dream, it didn't really happen." Obviously, he didn't get it. So I'm here to tell you, I get it.