Friday, March 20, 2009

Crazy Predictable, Unpredictable Life

I just got back from a fun but exhausting couple of days at my sisters house. She has a boy just a little older that C, and together the two of them can be quite a handful. They can't come within a couple feet from each without getting into a smacking contest. Keeping them apart was difficult. C gets really defensive and bossy when we are there. Whatever he sees his cousin doing he tells him not to and starts yelling at him to do something else. No one is aloud to touch other people's things, not under his watch, and under no circumstances is someone to touch or play with his Mommy. Goodness, I am so tired, and glad to be back. My sister and I will have to find ways of enjoying each others comapany that doesn't involve our little rugrats, yeah right:).
I really admire my sister in a lot of ways. It's always interesting for me to go over there and see what new project she is working on. She has a lot of interests and little things that keep her busy and make her happy. She's at a place in life where I want to be. In her own home, with food storage and space for her hobbies, a routine and plans for the year. I can't do that. Other than knowing that the baby is coming in the fall, everything is up in the air. Will Jones be going to school? Working? Where will we be living? Is he actually being deployed when they say??????????
Who knows.
Still I need to keep learning ways to find happiness in my unpredictable life,because it may never be predictable.

" I love this crazy, tragic, sometimes almost magic, aweful beautiful life..."
Darryl Worley

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