Monday, March 23, 2009

Documentation of Pregnancy

The last time I was pregnant I only took a few pictures at 5 months. This time I have tried to be more on top of things. So this is me at 3.5 months, feeling worse than I have in the past three months and looking forward to being half way through. Also, I felt baby move the other day for the first time and haven't since, so I look forward to more of that. I tend to wear alot more black, white and grey when I am pregnant, or at least this time around. Ofcourse that could be due to the lack of easily accessible maternity clothes. Why is it that when I wasn't pregnant there seemed to be an endless supply of cute maternity clothes, and now there are only 5 ugly options in every store I go to, huh, what gives?
There is something truly amazing and terrible about this whole process. In some ways it is easier to create a family than it is to figure out how to make a family. The body just takes over and knows what to do. I wish that was always the case with being a Mom.


THE SPY said...

hey hot schtuff! love that shirt on you! you're a cute pregnant girlie girl! hey, was just have a copy of your 1st pregnancy photos that i took right??? if not let me know! I also have some pix to send you of christmas here. yay!

TheSpanishLady said...

Awesome, I would love pics from christmas, and yes, I do have the pics you took. Those are the only ones I have though, so thank goodness for you.