Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hoping it's a Girl

I love little girl clothes. They are just too cute, and although I love having a boy, I can't help but admit dressing a girl just sounds like more fun. The first few months the clothes are just cute and bubbly pinks but eventually you can find things like this red orange dress, which is just my favorite. Hopefully, If I do have a girl, she wont hate me for wanting to give her a sense of style and not wanting to dress her in Dora the explorer t-shirts, yuck. C has decided that he wants to wear his Yo Gabba Gabba sweater everyday, and goes through multiple pairs of pants a day. He is only 2 and is already wanting to have say in what he wears! I thought I would at least have til 5!
The top two pictures are from Carter's and the dress is Old Navy.

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