Sunday, March 29, 2009

Toddler Parties

My sister's little boy E-Jo turned 3 this weekend so we celebrated at the park.

One thing I have learned from going to multiple Toddler parties this year is that one toy is not enough for three boys. So we got a bubble gun for each kid. They loved them.

We gave them to the kids unwrapped with batteries already in them, something I have discovered from past experiences of C opening a present on Christmas morning and either not caring about a box with a picture of a toy on it or, a toy that was still strapped in (some of these toys are tied down so much, it's like you need a chainsaw to get them out) and hearing him yell open for the next 30 minutes to discover it also needs batteries and a tiny screwdriver.

After the party I took the boys for a swim. It was finally a hot enough day but I still had to add warm water to the pool to make it warm enough for them.

And even with the water cold we had to drain the pool to get them to want to get out.

Over all it was a fun day. Yay, we have full success!

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Just Looking said...

Lol! Your description of what happens with trying to open gifts had me rolling! It's SO true! And it tries the patience of people ten times C's age - I just bought new office stuff and thirty minutes later when I still couldn't get the plastic shell to even open a smidge, I was reduced to a total toddler state - not knowing whether to whimper or tantrum. I kinda did both.