Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Anthropologie style headband Tutorial

Today I woke up and was craving Anthro. Since it is too far away and I probably can't afford it right now anyway I went to there online shop to just look. That is when I decided to make my own little Anthro today.

Inspired by this headband

First thing I did was pul out my hot glue gun, some felt and some cream colored muslin.

Then I cut 3 circles {a little bigger than an oreo} from the felt and 3 strips of fabric {about 16in long 4in wide}
Then I pinched the end of the fabric and glued it the center of the felt circle.

Then you simple twist and glue as you go until you completely cover your felt.
Alternate between tight and loose twisting to give it a less uniformede look.
when you get to the end glue the fabric to the underside.

Next take some elastic or a headband and glue your rosettes to the elastic
for extra strength security and softness cut 3 mor felt circles and glue them to the back side over the elastic.
*I had originally intended to make them all the same size but liked the look of 3 different sizes so I simply cut them to size as I went.

And ta da my newest headband.

 It is not as elegant as the Anthro one but then neither am I so it suits me just fine!

This literally took me about 15 minutes to make, it cost close to nothing and would be super cute in a small floral  print fabric, stripe or polka dots, hmmm maybe thats what I will have to make next.

P.s. Ok now that I have thought of it I have to show you hAha's version of the rosette headband that she made earlier this year.
You can also see it up close and pretty on her Blog title. Hers are braided all pretty using 3 different fabrics, same concept, different method, uber cute!


Carrie said...

I'm totally going to make something like this for my girls. Great idea!

PixieShtick said...

So pretty!

hAha said...

Oh, not inspired by my headband here?...

:( I thought I was going to be famous with this one :(

Crys said...

Haha, that is funny, I actually laugh my headband because it doesn't look as much like the on at Anthro as it does yours! Except yours is a lot nicer!