Friday, July 9, 2010

To Grandmother's house we go

I never really noticed before how much my Grandmother's house is a hodge podge of styles, very eclectic and whimsical, much like myself. I like feeling like a bit of my Grandma was passed down to me.
There is a picture showing "the wall" of photos. I think my entire family is on that wall.
Then another of G-ma and C hunting for Wabbits. It has been...interesting being here during this phase of my Grandparent's life. Exhausting mostly, I came to help my Sister with her new baby and didn't expect that we would have 5 kids to take care of. There have been many moments when we laughed when we could have cried. For example cleaning up the Ice cream sandwiches that melted in the pantry. All 36 icecream sandwiches :) and having to push away all 7 spiders to do so while later hearing G-ma complain about having to have "the bug people:" come to her house, after all she doesn't even have any bugs in her house. I like opportunities like this, to see what is to come, and be prepared. My young body is such a blessing but it won't always be young. I hope that when I am that age {if I make it since they are in their late 80s} I have people who will love me despite my crabby insanity toddler like behavior. I sure love my Grandparents. I will miss them when they are gone. I will miss coming out here to the desert so often.
Last night when I walked from my G-parents to my Aunt and Uncles pool, The wind was blowing, not a cold wind but better than the hundred degrees it had been hours earlier, I remembered how much I love the desert at dusk. For some reason it made me think of Jones, and the beginning of us. It made me feel happy and nostalgic, and a little bit less tired.


Carrie said...

OH those mushroom canisters...boy do those make me think of sweet Grandma! Love this post. Obviously!

merelyLooking said...

That photo wall is spectacular!! Thoughtful thoughts, thank you.