Tuesday, July 20, 2010

DAte night going Old school

Anyone who knew me when I was a freshman knows that mismatching was a specialty of mine. I was tired of being known by how I looked. Or being judged strictly by what was on the outside. Really I was still hiding behind clothes. Now I embrace my body as a billboard for who I am, because I actually know who I am now. So this is my grown up version of who I wish I was then.

I love the wonderfully summery colors and the mix of stripes with floral.
I whipped it up real quick, and think I may add more embellishment to the shoulder when I have more time.

 Sorry the pictures aren't wonderful, YAy for one day outfits!!
The skirt was made with a simple pillow case, and some stolen elastic from an old pair of pajama bottoms!
Follow this simple RufflesandStuff Tutorial.

For the shirt I didn't have a pattern so I had to draw it by hand {hard}
I had the fabric folded down the center so that both sides would be a mirror iamge of the other. I cut out 2 of both the front and the back because I wanted to leave my edges raw and I though t the 2 layers together would make a nice ruffly effect.
This is the shape I used for the sleeve.
I don't know that you can tell from the pictures but I did a simple straight stitch along all the edges but I did not hem any of them.
Then I simply cut about 8 2 layered strips and did a straight stitch down their center, one after another to create the ruffled look on the shoulder.

And now the Kids need my attention. more later...


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Lady, you sure one talented mom, and love your beautiful creation, the dress, the choice of colours.
Bet you can make a small business selling designer clothes...yours, with your initials.
Why not? Never can tell....
You have fun and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

Carrie said...

Love the shirt! Can't believe you just whipped that little baby right up on your own. Good work.

Brianna said...

LOVE! But where do you get the cute fabric? I live in the middle of nowhere, and walmart, Joann's, and fabric.com aren't reall very inspirational. Do you have any good online fabric sources you can recommend? Preferably with less than $10/yard? :-) :-)

Crys said...

You know I am not much of a fabric buyer online. I mean there are awesome shops I just can't afford them. Truthfully I get most my fabric from bedding sheets and garage sales!