Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lots of things going on right now, though most of them seem too insignificant to comment on. Earlier this week hAha came over with her sewing machine and I got to try it out as we worked on a new swing cover. It felt so foreign to me since her machine is a good decade or two newer than mine. Sometimes I wish my machine was simply more than it is and other times I can appreciate its loud rough hum, and enjoy the vinatge brown and cream with just a touch of color. And just the fact that it works and was a gift makes it special to me.

Jones is taking some time off next month and we are going to spend it camping. Planning this trip has occupied my thoughts while I have worked on a chandelier someone bought from my etsy shop. Overall this week has been easy going which is great cause I have needed the break. We made a batch of French onion soup on saturday and I have been enjoying it everyday since. :) We also devoured a $10 bag of cherries in one day. Spent an afternoon riding bikes as a family. Simple random thoughts, compiled together make me smile and realize my life is good.

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