Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sleep deprived

My 3 year old has decided that it is "Hard to sleep." his exact words, and has woken up during the night everynight for the past week. At first it is just a quiet whimper followed by getting out of bed, us trying various techniques of disciplining, comforting, trying to talk to him about it, only to result in him screaming kicking the ceiling, thereby waking up his sister and then having 2 babies to take care of.
I feel like I am at my end. I don't know how to deal with this. Any suggestions?

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Ms Muffin said...

Would he sleep better if one of the adults would sleep with him close by?
Our daughter actually stopped sleeping alone in her room at some point (I think she was a bit older than two) - and the only thing we could do was either let her sleep with us or sleep with her ...
I did not like it at all at first but it was the only thing that worked for us and after a while I figured I should just relax ... it's not forever. (And it wasn't.)
Just a thought.