Monday, July 5, 2010

My first week

Well I have now been in CA almost a week, and it feels like I have been here forever. Within moments of getting here I got sick, which I was in complete denial about. It is just icky traveling symptoms.. nope I am sick! I found myself weak and tired with a million things to do. By some strength, not my own, I am still alive and kicking. Still tired though. At least there are no big events planned for today.
We celebrated the 4th on the 3rd, with a nice bbq and then Kell Bell took me and Bug to the Angels baseball game! it was Awesome, C was super cute, Chomping down his dog and mimicking my every chear. We lost but it was still fun. I took pictures but wont be able to share the yet cause they are on my sister's camera.
Yesterday was Bicuit's baby blessing, and with most of the family here {excluding Jones :(} We took alot of pictures. There were 11 adults and 9 babies that had to coordinate for various shots. Despite the chaos, I really enjoyed photographing my family. I got to capture them the way I see them which was pretty awesome.
This one of my mom is one of my favorites.
Of course this one is pretty good too.

Today I need to clean up my Aunt's house. I don't really have bigger plans than that. I am going to try not to miss Washington today and focus on enjoying the time I have left here with my family.

I love you Jones and miss you tons. We all wish you could be here.

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hAha said...

We miss you! Especially Finnabun:) try not to miss WA. Too much,cuz when you get back you'll miss CA. "love the ones your with" aka enjoy it while it lasts! Oh, and I just waved my magic wand, and you're not sick any more! How cool is that?! Eclipse when u get back:) I just pumped baby's first bottle! WORD:)