Monday, July 19, 2010

New hair

I need a hair cut. I love the length of my hair, but the shapeless blob I am hiding behind has to go.! ASAP!


PixieShtick said...

Sometimes I check out youtube for hair style and cut tutorials. Search for something.

Miss Muffin said...

I really need a new hair cut,too. But I find it so hard to come up with something!!! Last hair cut I got was pretty. I liked it! But I had to blow dry it a certain way in order to style it the way it was supposed to look. Well ... what shall I say ... it looked that way when I came from the hairdresser - but never again since! I simply do not have that time to blow dry it! Baby boy simply won't let me! I tried a couple times but gave up at some point. Now it has all grown out and I really need a new cut ... but this time it should be something EASY! But no clue yet! :-(
I am so desperate that I am thinking of just going to the hairdresser and say - suggest something! But am not sure whether THAT is a wise choice! :-)

Crys said...

Miss Muffin! It is good to hera from you again! I know I feel like putting my hair in someone else's hands too sometimes. It took me many years of trying every hair style imaginable before I found one that suits me. I just need a good trim and lift and I will be back to normal. Perhaps I will peruse some hair styles for you, you know for inspiration ;)