Monday, January 24, 2011


Whoops. I didn't make it to church yesterday because I slept in til 9:40, when I came down stairs Jones was making breakfast and said "I can stop what I am doing and hurry to get us ready.." But I like the sound of breakfast and wasn't really awake yet, so we stayed home. Too bad I was going to hand out invitations to C's birthday party at church. Now what do I do? find some way to get the invites out? postpone the party? I am bad at this being a Mom to a kid thing, babies I get, kids I am working on. If nobody comes who is going to put together the cute puppets we have been working on? Time to step it up and figure it out I guess.

Today I must go to the grocery store, drudge argg drudgery. And might stop by Goodwill just cause.

I am dreaming about rocking chairs lately. This one is my favorite and my mind can't stop trying to come up with a way to get it without spending $800 {sales price!} 

I hope Everyone's week starts out well, may we all finally be rid of our colds, doubts, fears, and anything and everything that has been holding us back this year!

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