Sunday, January 23, 2011

Up in the Air

{image from my seesters friends at college}

This weekend has been a long one, well truthfully this whole week has. Within the last five days, there is a possibility that I may or may not go to school, I may or may not buy a house, and I may or may not be sending my husband off on a deployment. 
The fact that nothing was for certain made me lose it a little on Friday. 
Jones may be deployed with in the next few weeks with his old unit down in CA, but only if his commander up here releases him, and so far we haven't heard anything, and all we can do is wait. I can honestly say I am ok with either outcomes for all of the maybes in my life, but the not knowing just hurts. 
As I stood in the shower Saturday morning I felt somewhat annoyed, I thought to my Heavenly Father, I asked for this not to be dragged out, and I don't ask for that much, but this I deliberately asked for, and yet here I stand trying not to go crazy, and start hyperventilating in my shower. 
Then we left the house cause sitting around would have completely done me in, and went on a long walk with Colt and Pip taking our kids to the Fire Station {which was awesome} and continued to hang out until I was brain dead and could just come home and crash. Now here I am Sunday morning, still no answers.
Inspections and appraisals are being scheduled.
School starts next week.
and eventually We will get a yes for the commander or time will run out and it will just be a no because they took so long to respond. 
For today I am just going to pray for the strength to function in the mean time and enjoy my family as much as possible.

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In the life of Nikki and Gary said...

Don't stress Crys. Everthing happens for a reason and Heavenly Father has a plan for you. That plan is vague now but it's nothing you can't handle. Always remember to have faith and you'll be fine! Stay strong and enjoy your beautiful family :)