Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sick Babes

We are a bunch of sickos this weekend, which is just delightful. Tober has never really been sick like this before and it was kind of funny to see how she handled it. The first time I saw her throw up she was happily walking around the house when she suddenly spewed. Afterwards She put her hand to her mouth and looked at me like what the heck, and then shook her head as She kept playing. As it progressed it took a lot out of her and at one point she spent at least an hour laying on my bare belly {she insisted on lifting up my shirt to be skin on skin, and I insisted on keeping a towel in hand} The poor thing has handled it all pretty well. I am now prepared for the possibility of  a long and messy night. I definitely feel like a mom right now.

I also just wanted to shout out major props to my seesta-in-law Pip for being a killer athlete and attempting insanities like triathlons and half marathons only months after birth. You are my hero, way to go.

Also, with the thought of owning a home suddenly comes this crazy desire to own every cool tool in the world. My mind is going nuts with all the things I would love to do and a nail gun/ jig saw/ you name it tool just makes the possibilities seem endless.

A few things I have been fascinated by.
Wall stripes.


Built in/ stuck toys
{I get tired of the toys that belong downstairs/upstairs getting all jumbled and love the idea of a little play table downstairs that all the toys are fixed to. If you want to just dump things for the joy of dumping go upstairs!}
This is kind of too traditional/doctor's office style for me, but you get the idea. I love the thought of fixing an old phone and maybe and etch a sketch to it.

Fixing the tv to the wall and creating an frame for it.

I imagine something like this, upholstered, vintage 60's knobs and a little nook for the Wii/dvd player.

Yarn mobiles for my Babies.

and So many more ideas crowding my sick brain. Foggy brain + buying a home = crazy thoughts :)


Amber said...

You're so creative!

Carrie said...

wow, when I'm dealing with sickness, my thinking isn't nearly so productive!

MelancholySmile said...

Yikes, I hate when sickness strikes our family. Spewing kids- not so fun. :( Feel better!

Also, I love your decor ideas! Stripes rule.