Saturday, January 15, 2011

Yarn Mobile Tutorial

Yarn Mobile

Super soft, easy on the eyes, great for little tiny babies who see, and great if you are a nesting mother like myself!

I started with black and cream big fluffy yarn and a set of random sized Styrofoam balls.

 I wrapped each ball randomly until satisfied with coverage. Next I tied the end in a knot securing it with a tiny dab of hot glue.
 I made an even amount of black and white balls and then one mixed just for fun.
 And a couple of Pom Poms using Dana's tutorial

I took an embroidery circle, and if I had been more clever I would have used the inner circle to avoid the clasp, but I wasn't so I just simply wrapped the yarn around that too.

 Then I simply chose a desired length for each ball and continued to glue them to the covered circled alternating black and cream strings.

I used 2 strings about 1 1/2 feet long, again simply hot glued to the circle to hang from the ceiling, all the while munching on a matching treat.

Pretty simple but it pleases me. :)

I had originally planned on using a branch to hang the balls of yarn from but it is far too rainy and blah outside to find the perfect branch, maybe in the spring I will replace the embroidery circle with a branch. We'll see.

{Sorry about the terrible pictures, poor lighting.}


Carrie said...

so cute!...but now I want Oreos and it's Sunday :(

merelyLooking said...

There's something about its softness that makes it especially nice to look at. I can imagine baby being lulled to sleep by it.