Tuesday, January 25, 2011

sore fingers

{ work in progress}
Last night Jones let me run to Goodwill by myself. without the kids. it was awesome. I found a nasty old Grandma rocker for $20, and then went to Joann's where the home decor fabrics are 50% off and spent another $30. I got home and started the long process of taking apart the old and trying to put together the new. I am almost done and what happens, my machine stops working of course. I guess it is time for a break. Good news is I am feeling pretty good and optimistic, hoping the machine starts working of course, but if not I will deal. My fingers are sore from all the pinning anyways...

Less than a week until school starts, if I go!

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Carrie said...

Pictures?...of the rocker, not the sore fingers :)