Thursday, March 17, 2011

Great Expectations

It is March 17th. It has now been almost 2 months since we learned that Jones would be deployed. We still don't know when He is leaving. Somewhere in my head, unknown to me, I had set March 17th as an important day, that by today We would know something, or He would be gone, something would be different. Yet here I am awake, and nothing is different. It really wouldn't be that bad except for the anticipation I woke up with has left me feeling all funny. Makes me feel like shopping { yes I spend away weird feelings} too bad no money to crazy shop with. 

Next best coping mechanism would be to make something, but my sewing machine is broken, just another handicap in my life right now.

I have the car today so I will probably just get out for the sake of getting out. I better do it quick cause I can hear PJs and my bed calling for me...

This morning the kids woke up to little footprints and a hidden treasure...:)

Happy st Pats.


MelancholySmile said...

I spend away weird feelings, too! :)

I'm really amazed that we don't know anything about the deployment yet, though I'm kinda glad that he got to stay for so much longer than I thought he would. I hope you hear something soon, if only to end the suspense.

Love the little treasure hunt! You're so creative. I might steal your idea.

Amber said...

I hope you find out soon about his deployment, things up in the air is never fun.
I love the footprints and treasure idea! I might have to jock that idea sometime.