Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Our Snow week {photos by jones}

Tober's latest thing is carrying her little chair around the house and exploring things that used to be out of reach.
The little devil.

In fact right now she is grabbing the strawberries off the kitchen counter. grrr

What do you think of my red door? 


MelancholySmile said...

Yay for pictures! Did you always have that little play kitchen? It's adorable! And so is your red door. Very you.

I'd steal strawberries if I were there, too. We don't have any in the stores due to the recent hard frosts. :(

PS Why do you call Jones, Jones?

Anonymous said...

Love it. Eden is doing the same thing with her step stool. I have to shove everything to the bcak of the counter now. :) Love the pics!

Crys said...

I don't know where Jones came from, but it has been my nickname for him since we met. Probably because He's like an Indiana Jones, a professor with an adventurous spirit. :) a real man's man.