Thursday, March 31, 2011

I am crocheting

I can't sew, so I might as well learn to crochet. Right?

Yesterday I also managed to clean the mudroom and do some laundry before I became to uncomfortable with Contractions and pressure that I had to stop and boss C around , using his healthy non pregnant body to finish picking up what I could not. 
This is a perfectly normal thing for me, to have contractions this early. It hurts, it is exhausting. They make me want to find my boppy and gather my binkies, as if the baby is coming soon. Of course I will probably be like this for another 4 weeks. Am I worried about delivering prematurely, no. Am I worried about the lame pain making me crazy til the real pain begins, yes.

But at least I made a hat for Boo with awesome grey yarn, and once hAha comes over and tells me how to finish/fix it maybe I will proudly display it.
On Tuesday a group of Women from my Church went to our old apartment with me and helped me clean it up so that we can be officially moved out. This may sound common to some of you, or like a simple thing, but it meant so much to me. 
I have a hard time accepting help and this was something, I needed, really needed.
I am thankful for the women who gave me this gift, of a clean apartment and peace of mind.
Tomorrow is April. We may have Orders from the army tomorrow.
We'll see.

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