Monday, April 4, 2011

Crocheting. It saves lives.

The last few days have been really nice. 
I was able to minimize my contractions by spending almost all day for 3 days sitting on a couch crocheting. It is a nice reprieve from the pain and discomfort.
Of course my back and hands now hurt, but I will take it. 
I love how much I don't have to think or feel when I crochet. It takes my anxiety away. 

Yesterday was a particularly nice day. I listened to conference at home with my family while making apple pie and tres leches to take to a BBQ later that day.
It was really good to get up off the couch and see people even if only for a little while.

C wore the hat I made him, it turned out a little too big, but still looks cute.

On a not so good side, Tober has a fever, again. So I am taking her to the Doctor later today.
Also even though I had a nice reprieve I had some pretty hard contractions this morning which have left me pretty tired. They are gone now, hopefully they will let me be.

I think I will spend any time I have today laying in bed working on a blanket for Boo.


Thaddeus Jones said...

I want to learn how to make tres leches!

Carrie said...

THe hat turned out so cute! I can't tell if that picture is him modelling it or if he's not so happy to be wearing it!! Hope you can keep your contractions from taking over.

Crys said...

Carrie you totally nailed it, he is both modeling and waiting to take it off cause he was just in a C mood.