Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My 4 year old

Today has been a nice day. The weather cooperated enough that the kiddos and I were able to get out and enjoy it before nap time. When we go back, C wanted to play the racing game {mario kart on the wii} because racing is his life right now. Since racing is his life he of course has to document it on every piece if paper in the house.
We have dozens of pictures of race cars and trains and tracks.
I love it.

What I don't so much love is this.
This is what his coloring corner looks like.
I told him he had to pick up all the papers before he could do anything else. That was more than an hour ago. He has picked up 3 papers and walked around the house sighing, telling me how hard it is and how He wants a treat. 

I don't really care. He can go all day without treats and racing. Either he will get bored out of his mind and He will clean it or He won't. I just really want to enjoy the quiet as Tober naps.

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