Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Boo Style

Mama R asked that I make a polyvore set to give an idea of the style I thought of when it cam to boo. This is what I came up with.

alfred perry

alfred perry by TheSpanishLady featuring knit tops

Knit top, $60

And my sister, the pixie schtick sent me this list of newborn baby basics.

6 singlets (shirts)  -I have 0
6-8 bodysuits (onesies) - I have 5
2 spencers (long sleeve shirts) -I have 1
2-4 footed leggings -3 jamma type pants, not footed
2 rompers - I have 1
2 footed sleepers - 2 non footed sleepers/1 footed
sleeping bag -0
2 nightgowns -0
2 beanies - 1
2-3 pairs of socks -5 pairs, 
1 cardigan- 0

So I think I am doing pretty good. I would still like a cardigan, and more socks since my sleepers are footless, but I am feeling pretty prepared for the little guy to arrive, and in style I might add.

Also after about 4 weeks of working on it I have officially finished the blanket I have been crocheting for him.

Now all I need is the baby to wrap in it.


The Hull Family said...

Crystal, I know I've said it before, but seriously, you inspire me!! I love reading and seeing al the things you sew and make. I am in love with that simple black and white mobile and I can't believe you made an entire beautiful baby blanket and you just taught yourself how to crochet!! You are amazing!

hAha said...

love it. i see you decided to go without the fabric other side. i think that was a good choice. it's so pretty, just the way it is. and i like to think i had a hand in teaching you to crochet...just sayin' ;) wink wink...