Thursday, April 14, 2011

In bed, Made another mobile

These aren't the best photos, but they are the best that I could take before my battery died. 

Even though I already made a mobile for Boo, I like the way it looks above the crib too much to move it, and since he will be sleeping in the swing next to my bed for the first little while I decided to make a cardstock mobile.

It was the easiest thing to make, Cut circles, tie thread, easy peasy. I love the way it moves. 

It had to be easy cause otherwise I couldn't have done it. 
I am mostly staying in bed today.
Baby Boo has positioned himself in a way that is putting a lot of pressure on me. It hurts. a lot. Jones thinks I should call my midwives but I know they will just say there is a baby's head pushing down on me.

I am trying really hard not to think about it.
Not to let the discomfort get to me.

Maybe this mobile was more for me, so that I would have something to look at.


Anonymous said...

Super cute, love! I'm sorry your uncomfortable :( Did you get your package?

Crys said...

I sure did, They are the only nursing pads I have ever had that make me feel sexy! love em. :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome :) I sent and extra too, in case you were wondering what it is, it's a washcloth. Love you!