Saturday, April 23, 2011

Beautiful day, Beautiful people

Today was probably the nicest day, weather wise, we have had all year.

It was wonderful to spend it outside with all our family.

Notice the bare feet, thats how nice it was.

All the kids were super cute when it came to finding the eggs, and T pants and C's baskets filled quite quickly.

One of my Favorite moments of the morning was watching Tober dance around having a good time, and then turn around and make this face.
 This smile is a very specific smile.

 It means Bopa is standing behind me. :)
And of course the only thing to do was run and jump into his arms.

It is such a unique smile, and I loved seeing it.

All the cousins in Bunny ears.

Another smile just for Bopa.

It really was a lovely morning, and now with sunburnt lips I think I will snooze in the warmth of the afternoon.


Aunty cyn said...

These very beautiful pictures has made my very loney Easter all the better ! Thank-you for taken the time and putting them up. Every time one of you guys up date your site it brings joy to my life. Im so glad all the family got to be together. Give them all loves from me.

MelancholySmile said...

Oh, no fair giving me a major case of the homesick-blues right before Easter! You guys all look bright and happy and spring-timey. {The bunny ears are just so dang cute and make me want to smooch and cuddle the kidlinks.}

In one of those pictures, Buckshot is crawling on the grass w/ lil' cus and it just surprised me again that ALL my brothers are fathers! Whenever I see evidence of it, it makes me grin all goofily and feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Oh, and seeing Tober smile for Boppa {and seeing Boppa and Nana looking all gorgeous} made me teary.


I gotta come visit.

Love you guys!