Thursday, April 7, 2011

Night and Day

When I got back to the hospital this morning Tober was sleeping. She had a pretty long night and hopefully she will be able to sleep a lot today. She is finished with the treatment and is now just being kept to monitor her recovery.

When She woke up She was much more herself. 
Thrilled to eat the mandarin oranges her Nana sent her.
Although it did make her mad that she couldn't use both hands.

She has to keep her hand in her little cast until they know she won't need a second round of treatment.

It is such a joy to see my exuberant little girl coming back to us. Squealing with joy as we blow bubbles that simply made her stop crying yesterday. By the time We had brought her to the Hospital yesterday, She had had a fever of over 100 for 6 days, bright red lips, a rash, a swollen gland on her neck and wouldn't use her legs because they hurt her too bad. Today Her color is coming back, Her fever is down, She will walk, only a little, and her Echo told us that We caught it early enough that it hasn't affected Her heart.

Today is going to be a better day than Yesterday.
Thats all I can really ask for.

I am so thankful that We had the ability to take her somewhere they could make Her better. 
I love my little girl.


Free Pretty Things For You said...

omgoodness!!More Prayers coming your way!!!

Carrie said...

those pictures just break my heart. so happy that she's feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord you guys!!! So grateful for His answers to prayers. We are truly blessed by His love. Little Tober we're sure will be into mischief in no time.... lol
Love you guys! Gramps and Grams and Gee Gee's.