Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My super super Awesome Productive Wednesday

Today I woke up determined.
I started with the laundry
Gathering clothes from the kids room and other odd corners of the house.
Got 3 loads done.
Then I moved on to the fridge
which was completely filled with nasty old food.
Cleaned it out {ran in the yard with Tober who snuck out with me when I threw away the compost.} 
just in time for my Groceries to be delivered. 
Safeway delivers grocery and your first order has no delivery fees, 
so I thought I would try them out. Awesome.
Then I did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen.

Somewhere in there I got my Cardigan I ordered for C online. 
It was huge and square.
So I trimmed it down for him.

The arms were wide enough to be a grown mans and the whole thing was just baggy and square on C.
I am glad I bought it on super Clearance, because if I had paid $30 for it I would have been mad.
As it is, I just turned it inside out and stitched from the inside of the sleeve and down the sides of the sweater.

It is kinda goofy in the arm pits but way better than before.

Now I am laying in bed staring at the last load of laundry I did, thinking I might sleep a little before I try and tackle folding it.

Huzzah for a productive day. I think Jones will be very impressed. :)


hAha said...

yay for productivenessness. hopefully jones is always impressed with you. see you tomorrow!

Carrie said...

from the sounds of all that domestic-ness you'd think that baby is right around the corner! Way to go.