Saturday, March 26, 2011

There is a person inside of me.

Yes thats right there is a tiny little boy living inside of me. His sister calls him Boo. He likes to lay sideways and avoid my ribs {yay!} He is becoming more and more real to me everyday. I can feel every movement so strong and deliberate like He is letting me know He is almost ready, and even though there are times I feel overwhelmed by the idea of three little ones I am so excited see what He will bring to our little family.

33 1/2 weeks and feeling.. inspired :)

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Three Lads and a Lis said...

Crystal, this has nothing to do with clothing for your little guy cooking... but I wanted to ask anyway - are the skinny jeans you are wearing in a lot of your photos maternity or are you just lucky and can wear normal pants throughout pregnancy. Anyway, if they are, what kind are they? I am hating all my maternity jeans from the boys and missing my pre-preggo skinnies.

I would like to forgo the need for long pants at all, but alas, as you well know, summer warmth is still a ways off.

Thanks, hope to see you at playgroup tomorrow!

-Melissa (from playgroup)